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🎉 Rockids Academy opens at Strassen 3! 🚀

We’re delighted to announce the opening of our crèche at Strassen 3, marking the dawn of a new era for Rockids. This transformation makes Strassen 3 one of the first facilities to adopt the innovative Rockids Academy concept.🎓

A unique concept in Luxembourg

We use our experience to create a place where children can learn and grow, combining the best of Montessori, Pikler, and Reggio Emilia. At Rockids Academy, we offer each child a unique learning journey, made just for them in our crèches and day care centers.

We go beyond simply using different methods; we adapt them to create our own unique accompaniment. In this environment, every child has the chance to develop, explore the world and build a strong and promising future.

What Rockids Academy Offers You:

🌐 A multilingual educational environment: Because learning languages opens doors, we offer language immersion from an early age.

🎨 Access to a multitude of extra-curricular activities: From martial arts to yoga, we enrich our little ones’ daily lives with a range of stimulating activities.

🚀 Innovative, evolving layouts: Our spaces are designed to adapt to children’s changing needs, encouraging discovery and creativity.

🛠 An innovative tool to track children’s learning stages: We use the latest technology to keep you informed of your child’s progress, step by step.

🍎 Central kitchen with our own adapted recipes: As nutrition plays a key role in development, our menus are designed to be healthy, balanced and, above all, delicious.

👪 Parent workshops & support: Because education is a shared journey, we offer workshops for you, parents, to strengthen the family bond.

Come and be part of our community and give your child the start of an exceptional educational adventure.

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