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Offer your child the best support for their development

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Rockids Academy preparing your child for tomorrow's world

Through discovery and learning, in a multicultural and multilingual environment, using tried and tested educational principles, we help your child to become a citizen of the world!

Our missions

To support your child from the age of 3 months to 12 years in a soothing, progressive and high-quality environment, so that they can develop confidently and at their own pace.

Encourage learning thanks to our experienced, multilingual team inspired by the best teaching methods (Montessori, Pikler, Reggio Emilia, etc.).

Give your child all the tools they need to meet life's challenges and become:

in their physical, intellectual, communication and adaptation skills. Through a variety of rewarding and innovative activities and support to highlight your child's achievements.

towards others, their culture, religion and way of life. By exposing your child to other cultures and to inclusion, and by taking part in local community projects, they will learn to respect differences and open up to the world around them.

about science, sport, the arts and culture. By discovering the riches the world has to offer every day, whether it's art and history exhibitions, scientific experiments, reading in different languages, theatre, fencing, yoga, or building Legos as part of a team... Children blossom and develop the skills they are naturally drawn to.

in their choices, decisions and the pursuit of their learning. Introduce your child to daily tasks, hygiene and cleanliness routines using visual aids and adapted equipment, and encouraging them to take the initiative.

towards nature, human relationships and the heritage of the world around them. By integrating children into community life and working together on nature-related and inclusive projects, they are made aware of important causes and naturally develop respect and exemplarity.

for a rich and fulfilling life in the community. The children share toys, create artistic masterpieces and discover fun activities together. All this helps them develop cooperation, communication and a sense of sharing.

in the face of challenges, and in defending their opinions and what is right. Giving children the opportunity to express their desires and opinions through discussion workshops linked to current events.

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Rockids Academy in a few words

  • Multilingual educational environment, with activities and exchanges that open minds to the country's different cultures
  • A healthy, balanced diet, the discovery of seasonal & local produce, culinary workshops to explore all the flavours of the world
  • Safe school transport & educational outings for each structure
  • Access to a wide range of after-school activities nearby (sports activities, introduction to theatre, circus arts, etc.)
  • Projects specific to each structure in summer and winter (gardening, aromatic vegetable gardens, Mud Kitchen, etc.)
  • Innovative and adaptable installations (office bikes, made-to-measure DIY workshop, etc.)
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Rockids Academy spaces designed for your child's development and fulfilment

Homework referents

Homework help with reasoned access to multimedia supports, private lessons and multilingual homework referent (foyer)

Reading and relaxation / Snoezelen

area for relaxation and rest

Practical life

with everyday materials, decanting...

Emotions and social relations area

Art & creation workshop / DIY workshop

experimentation tables, recycling materials...

Psychomotricity room

to enable the body and mind to be a unit

Catering area

(foyer) promoting freedom of choice and awareness of the importance of eating well

Science and experimentation

zoology, botany, medical space...


nature and ecology area

Free play

to stimulate curiosity and imagination

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  • Rockids Crèche & Day Care Center
  • Rockids Crèche & Day Care Center
  • Rockids Crèche & Day Care Center

Our Rockids Academy facilities

Discover our 11 Rockids Academy facilities near you. Contact us to find out about the places available in our facilities in Bertrange, Mamer, Dudelange 3, Leudelange, Strassen 1 and 3, Rollingergrund 1 and 2, Beggen, Limpertsberg 2, Kirchberg and register online or directly with the desired facility.

  • Rockids crèches : 0 - 4
  • Day care centres : 4 -12
  • Rockids Academy : 0 - 12
  • Mixed structures : 0 - 12

Parents supported and at peace

  • Monitoring your child on a daily basis
  • A personalised booklet to monitor your child's learning
  • Regular parent workshops
  • Involvement of parents in the life of the centre (sharing meals, birthdays, activities, etc.)
  • Transparency and educators who listen to your needs
  • A diary of family events nearby
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