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Activities in our crèches & day care centres

Thanks to our equipped gardens, living areas and transport vehicles, we are able to offer a wide range of activities and educational outings in a fun and safe environment.

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Rockids provides the necessary resources to help your child grow!

  • Original spaces and themed activities for the development of babies and older children
  • Playful gardens for your children to develop in the open air
  • Group or individual activities, supervised or offered independently
  • Various outings thanks to our shuttles in order to discover the wealth of Luxembourg nearby.

  • Rockids Crèche & Day Care Center
  • Rockids Crèche & Day Care Center
  • Rockids Crèche & Day Care Center

Thematic activities and holiday programme

Specific themes are developed by our educators over 1 to 3 months throughout the year, to allow the children to open up to the world and discover their environment. The thematic activities are adapted to the age of the children: exploring language or food, discovering life on the farm or the rhythm of the seasons, exploring space... The subjects are endless and the children love them!

For children who are welcomed during the school holidays, our educators create a week of fun and relaxation:

A different imaginary theme is proposed each time to develop the imagination and reinforce the creativity of your children. Your child will become an astronaut discovering space, a princess or a knight living at the rhythm of a castle, or many other characters. They will create their own coat of arms, go in search of dragon eggs or build their own rocket! An exceptional outing near or in the Greater Region is planned for each holiday period (zoo, amusement park, sports or cultural outing, etc.).

Festive days

Festive days are regularly proposed by our teams trained in early childhood to discover international traditions or more specific to Luxembourg: carnival with the Liischtmessdag, Easter, Halloween, St Nicolas, Christmas.

Special activities are organised by our staff to celebrate your child's birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, the "Galette des rois" and the Luxembourg National Day on 23 June, etc.

Activities proposed in local partnership

Depending on the local environment of each structure, our education teams propose local partnerships with schools, libraries, retirement homes, charities, etc. Your children learn to adapt to environments that are different from their usual surroundings, and discover how to live well together.

Our collaboration with libraries and media libraries allows us to constantly renew the "reading" and "music" areas of the living units offered to your children.

External activities are organised every week, in particular by our day care centres, to encourage the socio-cultural and sporting openness of the children in our establishments: outings to the various Luxembourg museums, swimming pool outings, climbing, etc.

Positive Pedagogy in our Rockids Crèches and Day Care Centres

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