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Alimentation in our crèches and day care centres

Learning to eat well

In our Rockids structures, the healthy and balanced nutrition of the children we care for is one of our priorities. We believe that children learn to have healthy nutrition from a very early age.

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Home-made meals, prepared by our chef

Every day, more than 700 meals are served to the children thanks to an optimised internal organisation:

  • Creation of the recipes and production of the meals by our chef, who is trained in early childhood nutrition.
  • Delivery of meals by our team to all our structures before 12 pm each day.
  • Regular cleaning and hygiene controls to guarantee the excellent quality of the food offered.

Education and food diversification

We consider it fundamental to give children good eating habits from the stage of food diversification.

Food diversification is an important stage in a baby's life, as it involves the discovery of new foods, new textures and new tastes. It is important that this moment of discovery is shared between the child and his parents. This is why the first vegetable purées are given at home. Food education continues at the crèche, in conjunction with the parents.

Meals are offered in three textures in order to provide a diet adapted to the stage of development of each child and according to the parents' request.

Respect for the child is our priority. The first spoon-fed meals are given in the arms of the educator, in a physiological position, with a reassuring and comforting contact and exchange.

Balanced menus in line with the seasons

Offering children balanced and varied menus is an important factor in the proper development and regular growth of children.

We serve the children a variety of menus, developed in collaboration with a nutritionist to provide the children with all the nutrients they need for their development. The meals served are prepared primarily from fresh, local produce and respect the seasonal nature of the products. The children can thus regularly discover new flavours, in line with the rhythm of the seasons.

Mealtime, a time for sharing and learning

The meal is a privileged moment of conviviality and relaxation where children and adults meet around the table and exchange on different subjects. The children are invited to speak in a moment that is conducive to the creation of bonds and to a collective exchange, respectful of one another.

The moment of the meal taken in community is also a moment of learning which makes it possible to support the exchanges between children and with the adult. By eating alone with cutlery, surrounded by other children, your child learns to be independent.

Thanks to the fresh and seasonal products that are served, the child also develops an awareness of the seasons and the discovery of the products associated with them.

Through the meals, we also introduce the children to different cultures and the diversity of Luxembourg. On the occasion of the National Day in the world, traditional celebrations or birthdays, the children discover regional products or local culinary specialties.

In a multicultural spirit, parents can also bring culinary specialties from their own country.

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  • Rockids Crèche & Day Care Center

Positive Pedagogy in our Rockids Crèches and Day Care Centres

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