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Creches & Daycare Rockids Academy – A new era of learning in Luxembourg

Rockids, a pioneer in early learning for your child in Luxembourg, is proud to unveil its new project: “Rockids Academy”. Formerly known as “Montessori by Rockids”, this redesigned educational concept is designed to be open and focused on your children’s overall growth and development.

Based on recognised alternative teaching methods, the child is the actor in his or her own learning. The play environments, stimulation and reception times are designed to be flexible, adapting to the needs and pace of each child in a caring environment.

The evolving, reassuring points of reference and the continuity between our services and your home/family/house provide a framework conducive to the well-being and development of children from the age of 3 months to 12 years.

This new educational programme prepares them for a future open to the world. At the heart of our active teaching practices is an understanding of processes, autonomy and confidence in children’s abilities and potential.

Learning through play and projects, experimentation with art, the senses and nature, and mastery of the body, emotions and relationships with others will be daily commitments embodied by our experienced, multilingual team.

Support for the harmonious development of your child

A central kitchen

Balanced meals and culinary workshops thanks to our central kitchen, which encourages the discovery of flavours from around the world and the importance of eating well. All our produce is fresh and local.

School transport and field trips

Our own fleet of new vehicles, driven by our educators, allows us to organise outings across Luxembourg and to organise school trips in complete safety.

Free monthly parents’ workshops

We support parenting by offering regular workshops as and when required. These events provide an opportunity to discuss issues with early years professionals, as well as forging links between parents who share the same concerns.

Partners and speakers 3 times a month

In order to awaken the curiosity and reveal the hidden talents of each child, we offer them the opportunity to discover a multitude of sports, early musical development activities, dance, theatre, artistic activities, etc. every month. The activities are carefully chosen by each Rockids Academy structure to meet the needs of the children present.

Connecting with families

As well as providing support for children, we want families to benefit from our expertise, particularly for families moving to Luxembourg who need guidance. Thanks to our parents’ diary, we regularly share the educational calendar as well as suggestions for upcoming outings in Luxembourg and useful links to help parents with administrative and cultural issues, etc.

Innovative support tools

To facilitate communication and exchanges, our “Kidola” application gives you a daily summary of your child’s activities, as well as photos to keep a souvenir of all his or her learning.

To take things a step further and to help your child succeed, we have set up observation sessions using an innovative tool designed and created by experts in child psychology and pedagogy.

Impactful projects

We organise local, inter-structure and group educational projects to raise children’s awareness of important issues such as inclusion, ecology, nutrition, multiculturalism, the importance of sport, and much more…

Flexible packages

We offer packages tailored to your needs, and we also welcome your children during school periods so that they can take advantage of our extensive programme of activities and outings!

Top-of-the-range structures

With a layout designed by experts and colours chosen on the basis of a colourimetry study designed for children’s development, we wanted to create and fit out inspiring spaces that promote children’s well-being.

Reference points for parents and children

In Rockids Academy facilities, you’ll find the world of our little astronaut, to guide you around the facility, but also to help children find their bearings and make their days a ritual.

The Rockids Academy universe transports your child into an environment of infinite possibilities. Space has no limits!

Discover Rockids Academy – Where learning becomes an adventure!

Explore our 11 Rockids Academy centres near you. Visit our website to discover the new world of Rockids Academy and register online.

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