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How does childcare service voucher ( CSA ) work? Rockids crèches and day care centres explain it all!

We understand that the CSA (childcare-service voucher) system may raise questions for parents considering enrolling their child in a crèche or day-care centre.
As experts in early childhood, we’re here to answer the key questions you may have about how the service voucher scheme works and how we can help. 🤝

What are service vouchers?

The chèque-service accueil (CSA) is financial aid that gives parents reduced rates at public and private childcare facilities, provided that the childcare facility is recognised as a provider by the Ministry of National Education, Children and Youth.

Who is entitled to service vouchers?

Whether you are a resident or a cross-border commuter, you can benefit from service vouchers as long as you meet the following criteria:

  • Any child residing in Luxembourg or having a parent (or legal representative) who is a national of the European Union and employed in Luxembourg. They must be under 13 years of age and/or not have left basic education.
  • Cross-border commuters are entitled to childcare vouchers (chèques-service accueil – CSA) in the same way as Luxembourg residents.

Rockids has a number of facilities close to the Luxembourg borders. Take a look at our interactive map and find the facility that’s right for you!

Does Rockids accept service vouchers?

Our crèches and day care centres are approved by the Ministry for Children and comply with the national reference framework. We accept Chèque-Service Accueil financial aid for families in all our facilities!

How is the amount of the childcare-service voucher calculated?

The amount of the state contribution and that of the parents is calculated on a case-by-case basis, taking into account :

  • the income of the household in which the child lives
  • the number of children receiving child benefit in the household and the child’s rank in the family group
  • the type of childcare facility
  • the number of hours the child will be in the facility

The amount of CSA is paid directly to the childcare service.
As a parent, you will only pay the final bill, once the aid has been deducted from the total amount.

How do I apply for service vouchers?

If you live in Luxembourg, you need to go to the local authority in your place of residence and apply to that authority to join the CSA.

If you are a cross-border commuter or a non-resident citizen of the European Union with a job in Luxembourg, you must go to the Caisse pour l’avenir des enfants counter or send this form by post.

Do you have any other questions? Contact the Rockids team or visit our website ➡

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