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The benefits of outdoor activities in children’s development : Explore with Rockids crèches and daycare centres!

We believe that magic happens when children get out and discover the world around them. By encouraging outdoor activities in Rockids day nurseries and day care centres, we create unforgettable experiences that contribute to the physical, emotional and social development of our little explorers.

Why are outdoor activities so beneficial for children?

It’s a real playground where their curiosity can develop and their creativity can soar. Outdoor physical activities help children to develop their motor skills and coordination, while releasing their boundless energy.

Spending time outdoors offers children a multitude of enriching sensory experiences. They can feel the gentle breeze caressing their skin, hear the soothing sounds of nature and admire the bright colours of the flowers and trees around them. We have carefully designed our outdoor areas within each facility, paying attention to every detail to provide children with equipment and toys suited to their age and interests. Imagine them swinging on the slides, climbing on the play structures and letting their imaginations run wild in our mud kitchen, where their culinary creativity flourishes in the great outdoors.

It allows children to disconnect from everyday stress and reconnect with themselves. The natural environment provides a space for exploration, reflection and imagination. There’s nothing like watching a child build an imaginary world in fallen leaves or play with the natural elements to understand the positive impact this has on their emotional well-being.

What’s more, outdoor activities encourage children’s social development. It’s a chance for them to interact with other little adventurers, share games, work together and learn from each other. Friendships are formed, communication skills are strengthened and bonds are forged within our Rockids community.

How does Rockids encourage outdoor activities?

Our aim is to help children discover all the riches our local environment in Luxembourg has to offer. To do this, we have established a number of partnerships with retirement homes, local authorities, foundations such as Kriibskrank Kanner and Follereau, and associations such as Smiley Kids, to raise children’s awareness of humanitarian and inclusive causes.

Thanks to our transport vehicles, we also promote unique experiences by introducing children to art and science museums right in the heart of Luxembourg, to help them open up to the world.

Ecology also plays an important role in children’s daily lives. We make them aware of the need to avoid wasteful consumption, and offer them outings to farms, waste collection activities in collaboration with local authorities, and the chance to discover butterflies and bees in their own environment. We offer gardening activities in our herbariums, where children plant seeds and observe nature at work.

With Rockids, every day is an outdoor adventure. We encourage children to explore, connect with nature and revel in the wonders that surround them. Come and discover our facilities and let us take your children on a journey to discover the world around them!

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