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Managing emotions

Rockids . Crèches et foyers pour enfants au Luxembourg

How does the Rockids network of day care centres support children’s emotions?

Today, Rockids has 24 facilities in central and southern Luxembourg. The distinction of our 3 concepts: Rockids Day Care Centres, Montessori Day Care Centres by Rockids and Day Care Homes, allows our specialised teams to provide a quality service and to better respond to the diverse needs of children and parents.

“Without emotion, there is no learning.”


  1. Why does Rockids set up a project to support children’s emotions?
    Because challenges are part of daily learning for children and they need to express themselves, to manage emotional storms, to gain self-confidence and sometimes simply to be calm. At Rockids we aim to support children in managing their emotions through projects that focus on developing social-emotional skills, attachment experiences and relationships and interactions with others. Based on one of our values, which is “taking into account the child as a unique individual”, we use many tools with the children, our team of educators and the parents, which allows us to create a real synergy and facilitate communication and exchanges. Our objective is to provide the keys that will help each child to grow and at the same time reassure parents about the management of their children’s emotions!

  2. An “Emotional Space” for children

    In order for children to express themselves, an “emotional space” is made available to them with materials that make them want to relax and express themselves (stuffed animals, puppets, books, games, etc.). Thus, each child can release his or her emotions, verbalise and express themselves freely. The space is accessible all day long and completes the action of the educational team which accompanies them according to their needs. Activities, games and rituals are also proposed throughout the year so that the children can learn to appropriate the different emotions.

  3. A trained educational team and workshops for parents

    In order to better understand children’s emotions on a daily basis, our team is regularly trained through internal workshops such as “The emotional world of the young child”, “Snoezelen” and “Professional observation”. We listen to parents and also offer “parents’ workshops” throughout the year, which allow us to discuss the most frequently discussed themes, particularly during the communication between parents and teachers.

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