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Make a pre-registration request

Montessori Nurseries

Montessori accompaniment close to the child for his development

Our Montessori by Rockids nurseries are inspired by the Maria Montessori pedagogy and offer support for the natural development of the child,
through an environment prepared and adapted to the characteristics and needs of the child’s age.

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Our Montessori structures

Discover our 4 Montessori by Rockids crèches near you. Contact us to find out about the places available in our structures in Bertrange, Mamer, Dudelange 3 and Leudelange and register online or directly with the desired crèche

  • Rockids Crèches : 0 - 4
  • Day care Centres : 4 - 12
  • Montessori by Rockids : 0 - 4
  • Mixed Structures : 0 - 12
 Qu’est-ce qu’une crèche Montessori ?
Qu’est-ce qu’une crèche Montessori ?

What is a Montessori crèche?

In a Montessori nursery, groups of children are divided according to their age and, above all, their level of development. This promotes mutual support among the children, the development of self-confidence and the learning of independence.

A Montessori crèche is also characterised by its equipment and furniture. Everything is structured and designed to create a child-sized environment that encourages free motor skills according to the concept developed by Emmi Pikler. Furniture, activities, plays, the child can choose himself the activity he wants to do.

How does the Montessori Method work in practice for children?


We offer professional educational material for children that is strictly in accordance with the fundamental principles of the Montessori philosophy.


The material is arranged on trays or in baskets and organised in such a way as to respect a progression in learning.


Each activity is presented individually by the educator to the child so that he/she can then use, practice and practise independently. The aim here is to lead the child towards autonomy.

Les + de nos crèches Montessori (0-4 ans)

The + of our Montessori crèches (0-4 years)

Our mission: To help your child grow through exploration and enrichment

  • New or completely renovated structures with a modern interior design and professional Mathou furniture in certified natural wood.
  • Montessori by Rockids nursery staff regularly trained in Montessori pedagogy and principles
  • Regular external contributors offering relaxation, music, gym, yoga, etc.
  • Home-made meals with fresh local seasonal products in our own central kitchen. Culinary workshops, activities around food, creation of aromatic vegetable gardens...
  • Raising awareness of the importance of "eating well" and "anti-gaspi".
  • Water adapted for babies and children in partnership with "Lodyss", our local supplier
  • An application for child care is available. Parents have access to their child's daily report as soon as the child leaves the establishment.

Unit 0-2 years « Nido »

The children explore their environment freely and develop their psychomotor skills in order to walk on all fours and stand upright in a completely natural way. The living spaces are arranged in such a way as to provide a safe and stimulating environment that encourages calm and concentration. Our living spaces are open and uncluttered and allow our little ones to have social interactions.

2-4 years « Children's community »

The child, free to move around, will be able to develop fine motor skills and language. They will be able to develop their social relationships and empathy through their interactions with their peers. We develop the different forms of intelligence because we are firmly convinced that arousing interest allows the development of abilities.

  • Rockids Crèche & Day Care Center
  • Rockids Crèche & Day Care Center
  • Rockids Crèche & Day Care Center
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