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Parents’ Section

The Rockids team offers its skills and training to support you throughout your child’s learning process. Whatever your needs: advice, help with homework, participation in your children’s activities, questions, our entire team is at your disposal!

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Parents' workshops - Program 2024

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How does Rockids supports parents ?

Comment Rockids accompagne les parents ?


Communication and sharing

In our Rockids educational approach, and beyond our communication tools, it is very important for us to create a connection not only with the children entrusted to us, but also with their parents and families. The arrival and departure of children in the crèche or day care centre is an important moment. It is the link between the child's family life and the time spent at home and their life in the home.


Parent events and workshops

In addition to this daily interaction with our education teams, we regularly organise events and meetings within our facilities. We invite families to share a little of the life of their child's nursery or Day Care Centre, to have a longer discussion with childcare professionals and to meet other parents.

Evénements et ateliers parents
Parce que nos parents ont du talent !


Because our parents are talented!

We invite parents to come and share their passion with our little ones. Whatever your skill or profession (music, reading, sport, cooking, theatre, handcraft,...) come and share your knowledge! This initiation is part of our multilingual education project. It allows each family to participate in their mother tongue, to transmit their culture and to integrate into the life of the crèche or the Day Care Centre.

  • Rockids Crèche & Day Care Center
  • Rockids Crèche & Day Care Center

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Do you have talent and want to share it with the children? Would you like to give your opinion on one of our parent workshops? Or do you simply want to share your and your child's experience in one of our Rockids crèches and day care centres? Write to us!

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