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Positive pedagogy and educational values

We welcome your children in a structure adapted to their development and blossoming.

All our facilities offer a pedagogy based on caring and communication. All our spaces are adapted to children of all ages, in a playful and simple spirit.

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The 6 pillars of positive pedagogy in Rockids crèches & day care centres
The 6 pillars of positive pedagogy in Rockids crèches & day care centres

The 6 pillars of positive pedagogy in Rockids crèches & day care centres

  • Taking into account the child as a unique individual
  • Kindness in every act thought of and/or performed
  • Education as a reciprocal exchange
  • Compromise and cooperation
  • The importance of communication
  • Education through positive encouragement

Positive pedagogy in our day care centers and homes according to Rockids

Espaces originaux pour le développement des bébés et des plus grands

Original spaces for the development of babies and older children

Each crèche has a playful, original and unique interior space. Depending on the possibilities of each room, Rockids offers Snoezelen rooms for sensory exploration and relaxation, aromatic walls for discovering new scents and awakening to nature, indoor houses or a hanging vegetable garden!

Playful gardens for your children to enjoy in the open air

Each of our crèches and childcare centres has an outdoor area equipped for our little ones. The play structures and equipment available allow the development of the psychomotricity of the children through play and experimentation. Come and discover our outdoor playground equipment, our vegetable gardens and barefoot paths. Your children will love them!

Des jardins ludiques pour que vos enfants s’épanouissent à l’air libre
Activités à thème pour le développement des bébés et des petits enfants

Thematic activities for the development of babies and toddlers

Specific themes are developed by our educators over a period of 1 to 3 months to enable our children to discover, for example, life on the farm or the rhythm of the seasons, space and much more to discover! Festive days and special theme programmes during the school holidays are regularly offered to discover international traditions or those more specific to Luxembourg.

Field outings, school holidays and local partnerships

We regularly offer educational outings to museums, swimming pools and parks. We also propose exchanges with numerous partners in the local area in order to raise the children's awareness of current issues such as ecology, humanitarian aid, aid in the health sector, etc.

Sorties pédagogiques, vacances scolaires et partenariats locaux

The child as the central element and driving force of his/her development

Our approach is based on the consideration of the child as an individual with infinite potential. Our educators are initiators of learning. Our facilities are invitations to explore. The materials and activities offered are designed as tools to build the child as an adult in the making.

Our welcoming is based on positive and blossoming relationships. We include families in our educational process.

We assume our responsibility as a childcare centre by accompanying the child in his or her task of growing up and in his or her future, which is created at a very early age. We prepare children for their first day at school and support their success at school.

Developing children's independence

From a very early age, we encourage children to focus on their first learning experiences with a great deal of freedom of exploration and movement, under the benevolent eye of our educators. The child is given the confidence to gradually expand his or her space of discovery.

The educator accompanies them in their discoveries and reassures them of their potential. With this encouragement, the child initiates his or her discovery of the world and builds himself or herself as an actor of the present and the future.

Exploration begins with contact with nature. All our establishments have a garden or an outdoor area. Encouraged in the freedom of movement, in the investment of large spaces, to the rhythm of dreams and marvellous stories, the child is invited to live great games, treasure hunts and other great epics around varied themes.

Development of individual identity

The first day of school, a key stage in the life of each child, marks the beginning of his or her adventure in our day care centres, which welcome children aged 4 to 12.

Imagination, creativity, encounters and sharing are the pillars of life in our day care centres on which our children build their identity. Respecting the evolution of each child, our educators accompany them in the development of positive social, friendly and emotional relationships.

Rockids values the skills of each child and gives them a role as co-constructors of education. Learning in freedom, at the rhythm of his interests and aspirations, he is integrated into the learning and discovery experienced by the youngest. They are invited to pass on their identity, their sensitivity, their emotions and their words. Under the benevolent gaze of the educator, the child gives to the child.

Rockids Academy

We have developed our Rockids Academy in accordance with the best pedagogical principles.

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