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Rockids Crèche & Day Care Center

Rockids crèches and day care centres

Full or part-time care for children aged 0 to 12 years in Luxembourg, in an adapted and stimulating environment.

Our childcare centres are open all year round from Monday to Friday, including during school holidays and public holidays.

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Our Rockids network

Find out more about our Rockids crèches and day care centres near your home or office.

  • Rockids Crèches : 0 - 4
  • Day care Centres : 4 - 12
  • Mixed Structures : 0 - 12

Our concept Crèches and day care centres

All our Rockids structures are open every day of the year, from Monday to Friday, and from 7am to 7pm.

All of our centres are government-approved as "Accredited Education and Care Services" and are therefore recognised as CSA Providers.

  • Rockids Crèche & Day Care Center
  • Rockids Crèche & Day Care Center
  • Rockids Crèche & Day Care Center

The 6 pillars of positive pedagogy in Rockids crèches & day care centres


  • Taking into account the child as a unique individual
  • Kindness in every act thought of and/or performed
  • Education as a reciprocal exchange
  • Compromise and cooperation
  • The importance of communication
  • Education through positive encouragement

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Les 6 piliers de pédagogie positive chez Rockids

Emotions and social relationships

The actions of young children are mostly guided by their emotions. Our role is to be able to accompany them on a daily basis. Indeed, children need to express their emotions but also to put them into words.

On a daily basis, we make sure that we take into consideration the children's feelings through the various exchanges and interactions, relationships with oneself and others.

By interacting in this environment, the children develop confidence, self-assurance and build their own identity.

Values, participation and democracy

On a daily basis, the children actively participate in the life of the centre: decision-making, rules, etc. The children also develop strong values such as respect for others, tolerance, solidarity, etc.

Language, communication and media

Especially in a multilingual society, communication is one of the foundations of learning. Through daily life and the provision of a rich and varied environment (exchanges, books, writing, games, various activities, etc.) cultural and linguistic diversity is honoured.

Aesthetics, creativity and art

Daily experiences invite the development of creativity and the ability to express themselves: children can communicate their perceptions and sensory feelings in different ways and discover the environment around them in the form of different forms of artistic expression. Curiosity and pleasure are sources of learning.

Movement, body awareness and health

The well-being around the different motor and sensory experiences, the relationship with oneself and with others is at the heart of the proposed activities. Through physical experiences, the child becomes an actor by taking up small challenges and explorations. In this way, they become aware of their limits and possibilities.

Science and technology

Opening up to the world around us and arousing curiosity and the desire to learn through nature and experiments is a rich programme that gives rhythm to the days at Rockids. Ecology, diversity, discovery of the world and technical experiments are highlighted through different projects.


The changes in the life of the children are to be accompanied: whether they are small or large: each pivotal moment is thought out to facilitate life in the structure: the arrival at the crèche or at the home, the period of adaptation, the passage from the group of babies to the adults, from the crèche to the school or from one time to another.

Les + des crèches Rockids (0-4 ans)

The + of Rockids Crèches (0-4 years)

Our mission: To help your child grow through exploration and enrichment

  • Multilingual education and integration of mother tongues from the age of 1 year.
  • The main vehicular languages are French and Luxembourgish.
  • The facilities of our nurseries are designed to encourage children's independent exploration in complete safety.
  • The children have the pleasure of growing up in an environment composed of spaces for psychomotor, imitation, emotion, etc.
  • Educational outings thanks to our shuttles in order to discover the wealth of Luxembourg nearby.
  • Thanks to numerous partnerships, children are made aware of important themes such as ecology, humanitarian aid, etc.
  • Accompanying parents throughout their child's learning process. Daily transmission, advice, parents' workshops...

The + of Rockids Day Care Centres (4-12 years)

Our objective: To help your child to blossom through support in their school and extra-curricular activities

  • Friendly and family-oriented structures allow your child to feel secure and fulfilled.
  • Extra-curricular activities are offered throughout the day, thanks to our numerous shuttles.
  • Playful and inventive spaces organised around the 7 fields of action of non-formal education allowing children to develop social and friendly links.
  • Outdoor games and professional equipment designed to develop psychomotricity, imagination through play, experimentation and learning to live together.
  • Educational outings and themed projects during the school holidays for the children's enjoyment.
  • Numerous partnerships have been set up to raise children's awareness of current issues such as ecology, humanitarian aid, aid in the health sector, etc.
  • Accompaniment of parents throughout the child's learning process. Daily transmissions, advice, parenting workshops...

Les + des foyers de jour Rockids (4-12 ans)
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