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The benefits of healthy eating for children: how does Rockids offer a balanced and appropriate food? The choice of a central kitchen.

For our Rockids crèches and day care centres, healthy, balanced nutrition for the children in our homes is one of our top priorities. We believe that it is important for children to acquire a healthy eating habits from an early age. That’s why we have chosen a central kitchen, which is one of the key elements of our commitment.

What are the advantages of our central kitchen?

– Our recipes and meals are proposed by our chef, who is trained in early childhood nutrition.

– All meals are delivered by us to all our structures every day.

– We regularly clean and check hygiene standards to guarantee the excellent quality of the food on offer.

– We offer meals in 3 textures to ensure that the food is adapted to each child’s stage of development.

Our chef works with local suppliers in Luxembourg to obtain fresh, quality, seasonal ingredients, which he cooks on site.

Thanks to the fresh, seasonal produce served, children also develop an awareness of the seasons and discover the associated tastes.

Culinary workshops are also offered to help children develop their creativity.

An aromatic vegetable garden project has been set up in as many facilities as possible to teach children to “eat well”. Particular attention is paid to “anti-gaspi” to raise children’s awareness of the importance of natural resources.

Multilingualism is also integrated into our menus through the organisation of theme weeks. Children take an active part in meals, snacks and cooking activities.

By eating a healthy, balanced diet, children are able to concentrate and participate fully in learning activities. It aalso contributes to children’s physical and cognitive development, providing them with the essential nutrients they need to grow and flourish.

By encouraging good eating habits from an early age, we aim to give children all the tools they need to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle into adulthood.

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