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Rockids is accredited by the French Ministry of Education, a service voucher provider and a partner in multilingualism for all our facilities.

We are committed to developing our 24 facilities in accordance with the rules laid down by the Ministry of Education. In addition to the Group’s requirements on multilingual education, Rockids takes the needs of each family to heart and uses all possible resources to ensure the successful social integration of children.

Bilingual learning: an invitation to the world

A child’s world is a blank canvas ready to be painted with colours and cultures from all over the world.

Whether learning to count in French or sing in English, every moment is an opportunity for exploration. That’s the magic of language learning at Rockids.

We set up reading areas where children can find books (stories, fairy tales, imaginary books) in different languages, with priority given to the children’s family languages. Lending libraries and imitation, projection and reflection games are always available for the children.

Thanks to a number of partnerships with organisations such as the Red Cross and Smiley & Kids, we are also developing international exchanges that enable us to combine multiculturalism and humanitarian action.

A Show of Diversity

Our facilities are like a little cultural carnival where every child shines!

Every day, our little explorers set off to discover a new culture.

Our central kitchen in Mamer adds a special touch to this diversity. Our little gourmets enjoy traditional dishes prepared with care by our chef, who is trained in early childhood nutrition.

These tasty meals are an invitation to a culinary voyage, reflecting the richness of the world’s cultures.

Thanks to our educational outings across Luxembourg, the children discover the cultural richness of this country by visiting museums and historical sites.

These experiences enrich their horizons while offering them new perspectives.

The Bright Future of Little Polyglots

Bilingual learning is not just about speaking several languages. It’s also a gateway to a bright future. Communication skills, problem-solving and creativity are enhanced when children juggle several languages. They develop an open-mindedness that prepares them to succeed in an increasingly diverse world.

Our teachers encourage our multilingual children to discover the world with curiosity and to build bridges between cultures. It’s a mission we’re passionate about, because we’re convinced that learning languages and the world around us prepares children for a bright future.

Places are still available, so join us on this multicultural adventure where every day is a new discovery!

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